Digital Strategy

Conversion Insights works with senior executives to help identify and solve their toughest and most complex problems by bringing a discipline that combines deep industry knowledge, rigorous analysis, and insight to facilitate confident action.

We help our clients develop and execute strategies that deliver on their overall company goals, increase the ROI of their advertising dollars and improve customer lifetime value.

We enable our clients to operate smarter and faster by working cross functionally across marketing, the website, product, customer database and technology.  

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define future state

We help you articulate a desired future state as expressed in metrics like revenue dollars, retention rates and milestones (e.g. market share, liquidity event) and to agree on an action plan that will move your company to that new horizon. 

We quickly mobilize and start to execute high impact, near term initiatives and customize our reporting to align with your success metrics. 

goal alignment & strategic execution

We will set targets for each underlying KPI that influences your business and start executing a strategy that will catalyze positive change. We deploy systematic and measured testing, statistical models and industry best practices to improve your company's tragectory.

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Brand Strategy

We provide services for brand evolution and refinement utilizing your customer data.
•    Brand Equity Modeling
•    Customer Segmentation and Modeling
•    Customer Experience Surveys

Growth & Efficiency Strategy

We develop a strategic roadmap of initiatives for sustaining growth and driving operational efficiencies. We set milestones and ongoing reporting to track our progress.

  • Customer Acquisition Strategy
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Pricing and Assortment Strategy