Analytics and Reporting

We are a data driven company and provide a full suite of services to allow our clients to leverage new insights into their website and customer data.


performance reporting

We are able to merge disparate data sources to provide ongoing performance reporting at a cadence that makes sense for your business. In addition, we have weekly status calls to walk through the progress across each area of the customer journey.

customer modeling and segmentation

Utilizing your customer file as the foundation, we will append demographic and psychographic information to your records and utilize this new, richer data set to identify your most profitable target markets and the segments that over index to the US population. Armed with this data, we will help your team with new customer persona development and execution.

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survey development & Deployment

The measurement of net promoter score, customer satisfaction and other surveys to uncover customer sentiment are often overlooked sources of insight into conversion funnel bottlenecks. We can either help establish your baselines or refine your current efforts, with the goal of increasing CLV and profitability in the process.