Customer Insights

Developing a better understanding your customer base is a crucial step developing a new and more effective acquisition strategy. Our team will help with the data appends, regression modeling, analysis and presentation of who your customers are and who they need to be to succeed in today's market.

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customer modeling

We start with your lead, transaction and customer databases and any internal data you have on your customers. We supplement your customer file with a wide range of demographic, psychographic and lifestyle data from third party sources and build models to better understand how your customers index against the US population.


Segmentation strategy and personalization

With a new, richer set of data on your customer, we tease out attributes that lead to high CLV and either validate or develop new customer segmentation. We apply this knowledge to drive mpre effective personalization tactics within your customer acquisition efforts. 

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Customer and usability surveys

Qualitative data provides a feedback loop on the current bottlenecks and areas of opportunity within your conversion funnel. We administer surveys across a variety of touch points and provide insights and report our findings.